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We're a social impact agency that helps inspired organizations move the world forward.

With deep expertise in the complex spaces of:

Brand Transformation

The Climate Crisis


Social Justice

Regenerative Agriculture

Health + Wellness

Gender + Reproductive Equality

We thrive on
challenging assignments

Articulating brand positioning for new relevance and understanding.
Crafting transformative narratives to create cultural change.
Reframing entrenched issues to spark reassessment.
Cracking the code to communicate complex messaging.
Shifting cultural conversations to focus on solutions and optimism.
Climate reality project peaceful protest
A process rooted in principles

Research into a client's truth as well as the larger world we seek to engage with. A Big Bang of information where we set aside assumptions and mine for new ways of seeing and understanding, unexplored angles and fresh insights.

Strategic Leap

Identify the crux of the issue - the gap between where we are today and where we want to be - and the bridge that can connect the two. A leap of insight will lean into and resolve a tension in a manner that fosters creativity and breakthrough.


Manifest the new framing with language, design, tactics. Rollouts that engage and excite stakeholders. Ultimately the goal is every piece of communication and person within an organization working to bring the vision to life.

"The team at Fearless is quite simply one of the smartest and most forward-thinking drivers of progressive change in the business. Their research, strategic vision, and advice were transformational and continue to guide decisions we make every single day."
Lanae Erickson | Third Way
Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics
Powerful collaboration
at every step

Custom-designed and innovative research to understand people, perceptions and drivers of change

Brand & Issue Positioning

Suite of strategic insight and actionable platforms including narrative, framing, and theory of change that bring new understanding to the value a client or issue plays in the world

Creative Development

Concepts, tactics, calls to action to activate, engage and drive behavior and attitudinal shifts

Content Creation

Social, video and website content creation to manifest new visions and possibilities, from campaigns to movement making

Courage unlocked for the following organizations:
a nature conservancy
b Verizon
c twitter
d annies organic
e climate reality project
f ET
g salk institute
h center for humane technology
i Us against alzheimers
j vail resorts
k collegeboard
l holocaust museum
m naral
n third way
o caney fork farms climate underground al gore
p chosen foods
q orgain
s rodale
t microsoft windows
w metlife
x apple
y united healthcare
z vw
z1 amex
z2 pizzeria locale
z3 juno therapeutics
z4 snap kitchen
z5 gap inc
z6 bark  & co
z7 ethans
z8 Dress it up
z9 bitly
z90 CU Boulder Leeds  School of Business
z91 cap connect+
z92 forage project
z94 positive coaching
z95 ultraviolet
z96 non-gmo just label it
z97 the biodiversity collective
z98 Global Youth Biodiversity Network
“The best strategists in the business.”
Alex Bogusky
"Creative Director of the Decade” - Adweek
Who we are
picture of Leslie Freeman and Dagny Scott - Founder of Fearless Unlimited, a social impact agency

Leslie Freeman and Dagny Scott founded Fearless Unlimited to help leaders at moments of transformation and opportunity – particularly those that promote socially beneficial outcomes. Their unique offering combines the best practices of brand-building and marketing with the sophistication of complex communications. Their work is insight- and narrative-driven, leaning into social psychology and the power of story to create nonlinear breakthroughs and cultural change.

Leslie and Dagny met while working at CP+B – "Agency of the Decade" during their tenure – repositioning brands from Microsoft to Metlife and everything from carrots to climate change. From there they partnered to launch the Strategic Transformations practice at Washington, D.C.-based Glover Park Group, where they worked on the front lines with major corporations and advocacy organizations. Today with Fearless Unlimited they guide leaders, teams and organizations looking to make an impact.

While often confidential and not attributed, their work is evident day in and day out in the messaging of change agents around the nation.

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